Our recent pastime has been to sit on the back porch and watch the hummingbirds flying around. We put a feeder up after noticing them feeding from some of the flowers we have in pots around the yard. At first, there were only a few hummingbirds flying around and the nectar would last over a week before needing to be refilled, recently though, their numbers have increased so we put another feeder up. Now we are refilling at least one feeder almost every day. These beautiful little birds are so amazing to watch. To hear their wings as they fly over the top of our heads, to watch them dive bomb each other, or to just watch them as they feed then fly off.

After enjoying their antics for a few weeks, I finally decided it was time to start photographing them. This was not an easy feat since it took some time before they warmed up to me standing close to them, and the lens I used to zoom in on them was heavy! Still, it was worth the effort and I am so delighted with how these pictures turned out

Pictures taken with a Nikon D750 Full Frame Camera, and a 70-200 Zoom Lens.

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